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Natural Grass Bird House

Natural Grass Bird House

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Material: Straw
Color: As Pictured
Size: 10x10x29cm/17x9.5x13.5cm/15x15x16cm

- No chemical addition, natural and environmentally friendly and durable.
- The rough surface make entrance and exit easier for Birdss, as well as provides natural ventilation.
- Hand-woven from natural materials, it is strong and breathable, not easily deformed.
- Simple and rustic style, casual and generous, giving you closeness to nature.
- Provides a safe hideaway for Birdss who are escaping predators and a sheltered warm place for Birdss from cold.
- It comes with a hanging loop at the top for easy to hang inside or outside your home. You can be hung from a tree branch or other place where you like.


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